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          當前位置 -> 焊管價格- 2月12日無錫焊管最新價格行情周比變動不大 發布時間:(2019/2/12)


        無錫焊管市場價格盤整觀望。市場方面,今期貨走勢反彈后有一定回調,關注3520點壓力位;現貨鋼價原料窄幅跟進,而上游焊鍍管出廠價格政策仍多跟隨355mm系列帶鋼偏下整理 20-30,現河北地區4寸(3.75mm)出廠報價在3800-4240元之間,唐山當地焊管市場價4寸3730。成交方面,進入1月份,部分品種冬儲 政策已出但對市場積極性調動不強,管廠商操作仍處謹慎態勢;無錫地區各管廠政策不齊縮小基差,基本面上本地3日零時起啟動重污染天氣Ⅱ級應急響應,同時 臨近年關物流運輸高峰時限將至,在近日宏觀及上游持續支撐的情況下,市場以穩應對,并引導下游一定囤儲跡象,當然亦存在分歧準備春節后隨用隨采。庫存方 面,管廠原料、成品管供應相對積壓,無錫地區大多商戶整理庫存保證常用規格,上周五在統計貿易商焊管資源社庫周比變動不大。預計無錫地區焊管市場延續區間整理。
        Wuxi welded pipe market price consolidation. On the market side, after the rebound of futures trend, there is a certain pullback, focusing on 3520 pressure points; spot steel prices follow up narrowly, while the upstream welding and plating pipe ex-factory price policy still follows the 355mm series steel strip down 20-30, and the current 4-inch (3.75mm) ex-factory price in Hebei is between 3800 and 4240 yuan, while the Tangshan local welded pipe market price is 4-inch 3730. In January, some kinds of winter storage policies have been issued, but the enthusiasm of the market has not been mobilized strongly, and the managers are still cautious in their operation. In Wuxi area, the managers'policies are uneven and the base difference is narrowed. Basically, the local emergency response level II of heavy polluted weather is started at 0:00 on the 3rd day. At the same time, the peak time of logistics transportation is approaching in recent years, and sustained support in the macro and upstream areas. Under the circumstances, the market should respond steadily and guide the downstream to store certain signs. Of course, there are differences in preparation for the follow-up after the Spring Festival. In terms of inventory, the supply of raw materials and finished pipes is relatively overstocked. Most merchants in Wuxi area arrange the usual specifications of inventory guarantee. Last Friday, the weekly ratio of welded pipe resources of traders changed little. It is expected that the welded pipe market in Wuxi will continue to be sorted out.

        品名 規格(mm) 公稱口徑 材質 產地 價格(元/噸) 漲跌 備注
        焊管 4分*2.75mm DN15 Q195-215 唐山友發 4410  
        焊管 6分*2.75mm DN20 Q195-215 唐山友發 4390  
        焊管 1寸*3.25mm DN25 Q195-215 唐山友發 4340  
        焊管 1.2寸*3.25mm DN32 Q195-215 唐山友發 4330  
        焊管 1.5寸*3.25mm DN40 Q195-215 唐山友發 4260  
        焊管 1.5寸*3.5mm DN40 Q195-215 唐山友發 4250  
        焊管 2寸*3.5mm DN50 Q195-215 唐山友發 4270  
        焊管 3寸*3.75mm DN80 Q195-215 唐山友發 4250  
        焊管 4寸*3.75mm DN100 Q215-235 唐山友發 4180  
        焊管 5寸*4.5mm DN125 Q215-235 唐山友發 4250  
        焊管 6寸*4.0mm DN150 Q215-235 唐山友發 4250  
        焊管 8寸*5.0mm DN200 Q215-235 唐山友發 4290  
        焊管 4分*2.75mm DN15 Q195-215 唐山華岐 4280  
        焊管 6分*2.75mm DN20 Q195-215 唐山華岐 4260  
        焊管 1寸*3.25mm DN25 Q195-215 唐山華岐 4230  
        焊管 1.2寸*3.25mm DN32 Q195-215 唐山華岐 4220  
        焊管 1.5寸*3.25mm DN40 Q195-215 唐山華岐 4190  
        焊管 1.5寸*3.5mm DN40 Q195-215 唐山華岐 4190  
        焊管 2寸*3.5mm DN50 Q195-215 唐山華岐 4190  
        焊管 3寸*3.75mm DN80 Q195-215 唐山華岐 4180  
        焊管 4寸*3.75mm DN100 Q215-235 唐山華岐 4130  
        焊管 5寸*4.5mm DN125 Q215-235 唐山華岐 4220  
        焊管 6寸*4.0mm DN150 Q215-235 唐山華岐 4230  
        焊管 8寸*5.0mm DN200 Q215-235 唐山華岐 4240  

        As for raw materials, the mainstream price of upstream billet has increased by 20 today, and the mainstream output of Tangshan billet is 3380. The quotation of Tangshan Ruifeng 355mm series strip steel is 3550, which is 20 yuan lower than the mainstream price of yesterday.

        Price: The mainstream price of 1.5 inch (3.25mm) welded pipe produced by the local Tangshan Jinghua New National Standard is 4070 yuan (ton price, the same below), the mainstream price of 4 inch (3.5mm) welded pipe produced by Zhengda (Tianhong) New National Standard is 3970 yuan, and the mainstream price of 6 inch (4mm) welded pipe is 4030 yuan.

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