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          當前位置 -> 行業資訊- 無錫地區方管市場以價格整理出貨為主 發布時間:(2019/2/27)


        無錫方管市場價格震蕩觀望。市場方面,今日期螺走勢反復,關注3750-3760壓力位;現貨普遍操作謹慎,原料方坯最終成交區間在3510-3530元,當前窄幅區間震蕩 更有利于實質交投,方管走貨較上周穩定好轉;無錫地區方管價格隨廠家政策波動為主,漲漲跌跌使貿易商預期暫無明確定向;成交方面,下游陸續開工,不過近期 雨水及污染天氣使采購拿貨仍不集中,商家心態略顯謹慎;而同時上游管廠產線靈活實施停限產政策對價格有支撐,月底以穩定走貨為主。庫存方面,無錫地區基本 維持正常庫存,近期有少量協議到貨被動累積,大戶方管資源2000多噸。綜合來看,需求啟動存在一定滯后,而基本面利好廠家支撐價格。預計無錫地區方管市場以價格整理出貨為主。
        Wuxi Fangguan market price shocks wait and see. On the market side, today's snail trend is repeated, focusing on 3750-3760 pressure level; spot operation is generally cautious, raw material billet final trading range is 3510-3530 yuan, the current narrow range of shocks is more conducive to substantive trading, square tube goods steadily improved than last week; in Wuxi area, square tube prices fluctuate with manufacturer's policy, rising and falling make TRADERS'expectations temporarily without clear direction; The downstream construction started one after another, but the recent rainwater and polluted weather still make the purchase and take goods not centralized, and the business mentality is a little cautious; at the same time, the upstream pipeline factory flexibly implement the stop-and-limit policy to support the price, and at the end of the month to stabilize the purchase of goods. In terms of inventory, Wuxi basically maintains normal inventory, with a small amount of passive accumulation of agreed arrivals in recent years, and large households manage more than 2000 tons of resources. Generally speaking, there is a certain lag in demand start-up, while the fundamentals are favorable for manufacturers to support prices. It is anticipated that the market of party management in Wuxi will be dominated by price consolidation and shipment. 原料方面,今日上游方坯主流價格上調10,現唐山鋼坯主流出廠3460;唐山瑞豐355mm系列帶鋼出廠報價3640,較昨日主流價格下調10元。
        As for raw materials, the mainstream price of upstream billet has increased by 10 today, and the mainstream price of Tangshan billet is 3460 now. The price of Tangshan Ruifeng 355mm series strip is 3640, which is 10 yuan lower than the mainstream price of yesterday.

        價格方面:本地唐山京華新國標產1.5寸(3.25mm)方管主流報價4050元(噸 價,下同),友發新國標產4寸(3.5mm)方管主流報價4020元,正大(天虹)新國標產6寸(4mm)方管主流報價4100元。
        Price: The mainstream price of 1.5 inch (3.25mm) square tube in Beijing-Huaxin national standard production in Tangshan is 4050 yuan (ton price, the same below). The mainstream price of 4 inch (3.5mm) square tube in Youfa new national standard production is 4020 yuan. The mainstream price of 6 inch (4mm) square tube in Zhengda (Tianhong) new national standard production is 4100 yuan.

        無錫鑫盛源鋼管有限公司專業生產:方管,矩形管,焊管等一系列高頻焊管產品,方管規格:40~200之間任意變形,矩形管規格:50~200之間任意變形,圓管規格:50~200之間任意變形.方管按生產標準分:國標方管,日標方管,英制方管,美標方管,歐標方管,非標方管等.方管價格,矩形管價格,焊管價格.方管行情,矩形管行情,焊管行情.行業資訊 版權所有@轉載請注明:http://www.rzxingli.com/quotation.asp?id=2264
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