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          當前位置 -> 行業資訊- 無錫鍍鋅方管價格主流偏弱廠家小幅試探下調10左右 發布時間:(2020/12/11)


        無錫鍍鋅方管價格主流偏弱,市場方面,早盤期螺低位震蕩,鑒于高位下游拿貨寥寥,故大部分方管廠家多小幅試探下調10左右。劇本地方管廠家反饋,降后市場成交整 體平平,方管操作隨行就市,需求釋放跟進有限。目前十二月份處在一個庫存拐點的關鍵時期,庫存是積累亦或是持續下降都將在本月體現,而庫存積累又標志著下 游是否冬儲建庫,整體觀望情緒濃厚。考慮成本端尚可,故預計短期本地方管價格或高位整理。

        The mainstream price of galvanized square tube in Wuxi is weak. In terms of market, the screw in the early trading period fluctuated at a low level. In view of the lack of goods at the high level downstream, most of the square tube manufacturers tried to reduce the price by about 10. According to the feedback from the local producers, the market transaction is flat after the reduction, and the business operation follows the market, and the demand release and follow-up are limited. At present, December is in a critical period of inventory inflection point. Whether the inventory is accumulated or continues to decline will be reflected in this month, and the inventory accumulation indicates whether the downstream is to be stored in winter or not. The overall wait-and-see mood is strong. Considering that the cost side is acceptable, it is estimated that the price of local management in the short term may be high.


        In terms of square tube price, Zhongtian 2.5 * 232 specification was quoted as 4420 yuan / ton for thin-walled square tube, and 4420 yuan / ton for Delong 2.5 * 255 specification square tube, all of which were 10% lower than the previous trading day.


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