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          當前位置 -> 行業資訊- 無錫鍍鋅方管價格主流上行廠家普遍堅挺觀望 發布時間:(2020/12/11)


        無錫鍍鋅方管價格主流上行,市場方面,早盤期螺持紅震蕩,加之周末市場拉漲情緒明顯,故本地方管廠家跟漲操作為主,幅度90-100不等。從市場了解到,交投 氛圍整體平平,方管廠家普遍堅挺觀望,下游對高位接受有限。當前雖然臨近年末即將冬儲,不過近期趕工期現象較為明顯,市場需求尚可,庫存較低資源表現偏緊。考 慮成本端堅挺,故預計短期本地方管價格或堅挺整理。

        As for the price of galvanized square tube in Wuxi, the main trend is upward. In terms of the market, in the early trading period, the screw held a red vibration. In addition, the sentiment of the weekend market pull-up was obvious. Therefore, the local square tube manufacturers mainly followed the upward trend, with the range of 90-100. We know from the market that the overall trading atmosphere is flat, merchants are generally firm and wait-and-see, and the downstream acceptance of high-level is limited. Although winter storage is coming near the end of the year, the phenomenon of rush work period is obvious in the near future, the market demand is fair, the inventory is low, and the resource performance is tight. Considering the strong cost side, it is estimated that the short-term local steel strip price or strong finishing.


        In terms of Fangguan price, Zhongtian 2.5 * 232 specification was quoted as Fangguan 4400 yuan / ton; Delong's 2.5 * 255 specification was quoted as Fangguan 4400 yuan / T, and the above specifications were 100% higher than the previous trading day.


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